Kansas City Table Tennis

Kansas City Table Tennis organizes open play, leagues, tournaments, and training programs for people of all ages.


Kansas City Table Tennis (KCTT) will be a premier nonprofit table tennis organization that strengthens communities through promoting the sport of Table Tennis in the Greater Kansas City metro area. 



KCTT exists to promote a more active lifestyle and community engagement through the sport of table tennis.   



KCTT operates with these core values:

  • Table tennis is a sport that is meant for everyone.
  • Playing table tennis will improve a person’s health.
  • Table tennis is a sport that breaks down barriers and brings people and communities together.
  • It is how you play the game and not whether you win that is most important.
  • For the whole community to improve, it must be challenged and strengthened by opportunities for high quality training and competition.
  • Ultimately, KCTT is in operation for the people who enjoy table tennis.

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