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Kansas City Table Tennis (KCTT) is a nonprofit virtual organization that seeks to strengthen the community by growing the footprint of table tennis in the greater Kansas City metro area.

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KCTT will promote an active and healthy lifestyle by organizing recreational and competition table tennis within our community.

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  • Inclusive Nature – Table tennis is an activity that can be played by everyone. Recreational and competitive table tennis can be played by younger as well as older participants. Table tennis is currently played across all socio-economic levels as well as around the world.
  • Socially Interactive – Table tennis is designed to be shared with others. The shared nature of table tennis helps build the community one relationship at a time by fostering positive interactions between players.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – Table tennis when played recreationally or competitively will improve a person’s health at all ages in terms of developing balance, strengthening the core, sharpening reflexes, and increasing mental acuity.

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  • Communication : KCTT will be the voice of the greater Kansas City metro area table tennis community via website content, email, and newsletters.
  • Programming: KCTT will run USATT sanctioned table tennis tournaments, unsanctioned tournaments, and leagues.
  • Local Clubs: KCTT will grow the table tennis footprint one club at a time by helping local clubs organize, promote, and offer table tennis to their members.
  • Training: KCTT will support the training of both recreational and competitive players by bringing in clinics and teaching seminars.
  • Community Outreach: KCTT will volunteer time and resources to support the greater Kansas City area community.

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