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Joe Windham is a certified Table Tennis Pro and is Olympic Safe Sport qualified. He is a former nationally ranked junior and men’s competitor.  Although from Kansas City originally, Joe lived in Durham, NC in 2016 and 2017, where he worked as a professional instructor at the nationally acclaimed table tennis center Triangle Table Tennis.

Joe offers lessons to recreational ping pong enthusiasts and competitive table tennis players of all ages.  He believes that professional instruction helps players (kids, adults, and seniors) get more fun, exercise, and value from their sport.

Joe is also a table tennis distributor. You can buy balls, replacement rubber, paddles, clothing, etc.  Joe will also help repair, replace, or fix your table tennis equipment.

Lessons for players of all ages and skill levels.

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“Joe realizes that one style does not fit all players.  He individualizes each session to each student’s style of play…I have seen great improvement in his student’s games, and mine.”
Amy K.

Aspiring Player

“Joe understands the unique needs of each player and maximizes an effective training program for them…The results of his approach were immediately noticeable by his student’s higher level of play.”
Stuart G.

Senior Player

“Joe helped Lavanya get a strong foundation with her table tennis fundamentals,” according to her father Marutha, “Joe is a dedicated and passionate coach for training youth talent as well as adults. He is a tremendous asset to table tennis!”
Lavanya M.

Top Ranked National Female Player

“When Joe started working with me, I was rated 747.  Now I am rated 1492.  He worked hard on developing my basics.  Joe enjoys teaching and loves to help players improve their games.”
John M

Aspiring Player

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