06.09.21 – Truman Memorial Week 2

Group Standings

The rating displayed in the group standings is the rating before the event results are calculated. To see final calculated results, scroll down to the Player Ratings section.

Head to Head Results

GroupNamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Group 1Drew Angell2017vsCraig Yancey18285
Group 1Drew Angell2017vsRob Sharp18255
Group 1Drew Angell2017vsSteve Downing18185
Group 1Drew Angell2017vsDante Almuenda17832
Group 1Craig Yancey1828vsRob Sharp182510
Group 1Craig Yancey1828vsSteve Downing181810
Group 1Rob Sharp1825vsSteve Downing181810
Group 1Rob Sharp1825vsDante Almuenda178310
Group 1Dante Almuenda1783vsCraig Yancey182810
Group 1Dante Almuenda1783vsSteve Downing181810
Group 2Nick Larsen1750vsBen Harner13501
Group 2Nick Larsen1750vsJuan Blackmon13100
Group 2Nick Larsen1750vsJulian Taylor11240
Group 2Nick Larsen1750vsKoji Hayakawa9220
Group 2Nick Larsen1750vsForam Desai7910
Group 2Ben Harner1350vsJuan Blackmon131010
Group 2Ben Harner1350vsKoji Hayakawa9220
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsNick Larsen175050
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsBen Harner13507
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsTy Lewis13205
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsJuan Blackmon13105
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsJulian Taylor11241
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsKoji Hayakawa9220
Group 2Akshay Jain1448vsForam Desai7910
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsNick Larsen175060
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsBen Harner135010
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsJuan Blackmon131010
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsKoji Hayakawa9221
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsForam Desai7910
Group 2Juan Blackmon1310vsForam Desai7910
Group 2Julian Taylor1124vsBen Harner135040
Group 2Julian Taylor1124vsTy Lewis132030
Group 2Julian Taylor1124vsJuan Blackmon131030
Group 2Julian Taylor1124vsKoji Hayakawa9222
Group 2Koji Hayakawa922vsJuan Blackmon131050
Group 2Foram Desai791vsKoji Hayakawa92230
Group 3Bob Riley898vsLarry Marchin7705
Group 3Bob Riley898vsScott Anderson7705
Group 3Richard Ansah864vsBob Riley89810
Group 3Richard Ansah864vsScott Row7907
Group 3Richard Ansah864vsLeslie Ammerman7907
Group 3Richard Ansah864vsLarry Marchin7707
Group 3Scott Row790vsBob Riley89830
Group 3Leslie Ammerman790vsBob Riley89830
Group 3Scott Row790vsLeslie Ammerman79010
Group 3Leslie Ammerman790vsLarry Marchin77010
Group 3Scott Anderson770vsRichard Ansah86420
Group 3Scott Anderson770vsLeslie Ammerman79010
Group 3Scott Anderson770vsScott Row79010
Group 3Larry Marchin770vsScott Row79010
Group 3Scott Anderson770vsLarry Marchin77010
Group 4Timothy Voyles750vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Roger McCrummen750vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Roger McCrummen750vsTimothy Voyles75010
Group 4Timothy Voyles750vsTom Van Camp73910
Group 4Timothy Voyles750vsSeth Smith71010
Group 4Roger McCrummen750vsSeth Smith71010
Group 4Michael Phillips748vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Michael Phillips748vsTimothy Voyles75010
Group 4Michael Phillips748vsRoger McCrummen75010
Group 4Michael Phillips748vsCory Bragg72910
Group 4Tom Van Camp739vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Tom Van Camp739vsRoger McCrummen75010
Group 4Tom Van Camp739vsMichael Phillips74810
Group 4Tom Van Camp739vsSeth Smith71010
Group 4Cory Bragg729vsTimothy Voyles75010
Group 4Cory Bragg729vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Cory Bragg729vsRoger McCrummen75010
Group 4Cory Bragg729vsTom Van Camp73910
Group 4Cory Bragg729vsSeth Smith71010
Group 4Seth Smith710vsChad McCubbin75010
Group 4Seth Smith710vsMichael Phillips74810

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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