Independence League Final Player Standings

The table below lists all league players and their total win/loss record for all league weeks, as well as the current rating for each player based on total league results.

Drew Angell3532029
Ron Miller71989
Akshay Jain3091643
Andrew Mun1961974
Ray Chan1451431
Nick Larsen731662
Larry Marchin2713882
Tom Van Camp42720
Bernie Braun741978
Richard Ansah19111159
Scott Anderson1610969
Dante Almuenda17111951
Julian Taylor1071241
Scott Rowe21161062
Jeremy O13101053
Gary Mcadams971747
Michael Phillips54768
Timothy Voyles119740
Cory Bragg1916939
Roger McCrummen1412792
Rob Sharp13121856
Leslie Ammerman44803
Ty Lewis19211345
Seth Smith1316766
Joel Murphy1013709
Craig Yancey13181891
Foram Desai57921
Bob Riley1119970
Juan Blackmon12211037
Jeremy Sandler510919
Ben Harner7171301
Steve Bell131222
Sam Coffland131018
Jessica Heikes13680
Marlow Holt28862
Koji Hayakawa521951
Brandon Shuey210640
Steve Downing3171687
David Houchens161317
Dennis Sulltrop2151729
Chad McCubbin19683
Andy Wise112669
Matt Troutman05650

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