06.02.21 – Truman Memorial Week 1

Group Standings

The rating displayed in the group standings is the rating before the event results are calculated. To see final calculated results, scroll down to the Player Ratings section.

Kansas City Table Tennis League Results Week 1
Week 1 League Group Standings

Head to Head Results

GroupNamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Group 1Bernie Braun2075vsSteve Downing19005
Group 1Bernie Braun2075vsDennis Sulltrop18755
Group 1Bernie Braun2075vsCraig Yancey17641
Group 1Dennis Sulltrop1875vsSteve Downing190010
Group 1Dennis Sulltrop1875vsRob Sharp17777
Group 1Drew Angell1963vsBernie Braun207530
Group 1Drew Angell1963vsSteve Downing19007
Group 1Drew Angell1963vsDennis Sulltrop18757
Group 1Drew Angell1963vsRob Sharp17775
Group 1Drew Angell1963vsCraig Yancey17645
Group 1Rob Sharp1777vsBernie Braun207540
Group 1Rob Sharp1777vsSteve Downing190030
Group 1Craig Yancey1764vsSteve Downing190030
Group 1Craig Yancey1764vsDennis Sulltrop187530
Group 1Craig Yancey1764vsRob Sharp177710
Group 2Ray Chan1351vsDavid Houchens135010
Group 2Ray Chan1351vsJuan Blackmon135010
Group 2Ray Chan1351vsTy Lewis132010
Group 2Ray Chan1351vsAkshay Jain13007
Group 2David Houchens1350vsJuan Blackmon135010
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsDavid Houchens135010
Group 2Ty Lewis1320vsJuan Blackmon135010
Group 2Akshay Jain1300vsDavid Houchens135010
Group 2Akshay Jain1300vsJuan Blackmon135010
Group 2Akshay Jain1300vsTy Lewis132010
Group 3Julian Taylor1000vsRichard Ansah8255
Group 3Julian Taylor1000vsForam Desai7502
Group 3Julian Taylor1000vsCory Bragg7502
Group 3Bob Riley956vsJulian Taylor100010
Group 3Bob Riley956vsCory Bragg7502
Group 3Richard Ansah825vsBob Riley95630
Group 3Foram Desai750vsBob Riley95640
Group 3Richard Ansah825vsForam Desai7507
Group 3Richard Ansah825vsCory Bragg7507
Group 3Foram Desai750vsCory Bragg75010
Group 4Koji Hayakawa1000vsMichael Phillips7502
Group 4Leslie Ammerman750vsKoji Hayakawa100040
Group 4Scott Row750vsKoji Hayakawa100040
Group 4Michael Phillips750vsLeslie Ammerman75010
Group 4Leslie Ammerman750vsScott Row75010
Group 4Scott Row750vsMichael Phillips75010
Group 5Larry Marchin750vsRoger McCrummen75010
Group 5Scott Anderson750vsLarry Marchin75010
Group 5Scott Anderson750vsRoger McCrummen75010
Group 5Roger McCrummen750vsSeth Smith75010
Group 5Scott Anderson750vsSeth Smith75010
Group 5Larry Marchin750vsSeth Smith75010
Group 5Larry Marchin750vsTimothy Voyles75010
Group 5Roger McCrummen750vsTimothy Voyles75010
Group 5Timothy Voyles750vsScott Anderson75010
Group 5Timothy Voyles750vsSeth Smith75010

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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  1. How are players assigned to a group?
    Will you be more likely to play an opponent of your skill level?
    What constitutes a match?
    How are matches scheduled?
    If there is a brochure where I can find these answers, I am happy to do so.
    Thanks, Greg Hartman

    1. Hi Greg,

      Each week we create fresh groups based on the current league ratings for players. If a new player has no rating (and we don’t know a good estimate) we start them at 750.

      We try to go with groups of 5, but depending on number of players and if people show up late it could be slightly different each week. Groups are created based on ratings, so you would typically be playing people rated similarly to yourself.

      A match consists of best 2 of 3 games, and games are played to 11.

      The league is scheduled for 10 weeks, every Wed. The league page does has some details for you: https://www.kansascitytabletennis.com/product/league/

      We just opened a new facility as well, so I’ll get some info about that on the site very soon. It’s in South Kansas City, right at the Grandview triangle area.

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