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Dear Table Tennis Friends,

Great news! Kansas City Table Tennis is reopening!  Independence Parks and Recreation (211 W Truman Rd 64050-#816-325-7843) has agreed to allow us to reserve their gym every Wednesday starting May 5th from 6pm to 10pm.   

The playing conditions are some of the best in the United States.  It is a gymnasium with wood floor, good lighting, high ceilings, barriers for each table, plenty of seating to watch fellow players enjoy the sport, and lit parking.

Open play will cost $5 per visit.  Open play will start on Wednesday May 5th and continues throughout May on each Wednesday 6pm-10pm.  Please visit us.

You can also enjoy open play at the Truman Memorial Building during the day on Monday 11:30am-4:30pm, Tuesday thru Thursday 9am to 12pm for a minimum $1 donation per visit to the Independence Table Tennis Club. 

KCTT is starting league play June 2nd or first Wednesday of June.  It will cost $40 paid to KCTT in advance. Payment must be received by 31st of May.  Hurry up and sign up because the league is limited to the first 40 players.  The league will run for 10 consecutive Wednesdays.  You only have to play in a minimum of 5 weeks to qualify for the league championship.

The league will slot players according to their playing levels, that is, A, B, C, D, etc.  You can move up or move down slots depending on results from each week.  There will be 6-8 tables set up for a maximum of 5 players per table.  This guarantees participants 4 matches.

 All participants will earn a league rating.  Initially, you can use your USATT rating or your rating will be assigned to you by KCTT.   Each week you will receive league results and an earned rating.

KCTT will send out more info to you on future tourneys.  We plan to have up to two tourneys per year depending on the demand. 

KCTT plans to expand to Friday and Saturday evenings later in the year as soon as it is viable.  KCTT is renting the gym for an hourly rate.  Your participation allows us to cover the costs. 

One last note:  Independence Government requires all participants to pay a $10 monthly or $25 yearly fee for a Parks and Rec Pass.  The pass allows you access to the Truman Memorial Building. Participants are required to wear a mask while in the building, use hand sanitizer, and no hand shaking.

On behalf of KCTT, we want to thank you in advance for your participation.

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