Kansas City Table Tennis USATT Sanctioned Tournament

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  • Sign up online using the OmniPong system.
  • Fill out the tournament flyer sign up form and mail it in with a check or money order.

Tournament details

  • Kansas City Table Tennis will be holding a 2-star USATT sanctioned tournament March 9-10, 2019!


  • Open
  • U2100
  • U2000
  • U1900
  • U1800
  • U1700
  • U1600
  • U1500
  • U1400
  • U1200
  • U1000
  • Unrated Singles Round Robin
  • Junior U18
  • Brazilian 3 Person Team (Unrated)

Brian Pace Training

  • 30 Min Video Sessions
  • Video Match Recording / Analysis

Note: Call Joe Windham for details about the Brian Pace training:  816-769-3279




  • $2,650.00 in prize money spread across all events!

Entry Information

  • No refunds will be given after March 7, 2019, unless the tournament is canceled.
  • Insufficient entries may result in a canceled event. In this case, players will be moved to the next higher rated event.

Facilities and Equipment

  • Tony Aguirre Wood floor gymnasium with high ceiling and 12 tournament quality tables.
    • Address:  2050 W. Pennway St. Kansas City, MO 64108
  • Seamless White Nittaku Premium 40+ poly balls (provided by Paddle Palace).

Match Information

  • Matches will be best 3 of 5 games to 11 points.
  • Semi-finals and Finals of the Open will be best 4 of 7 games to 11 points.

Ratings and Unrated Players

  • Player’s ratings will be pulled from the USATT website on February 23, 2019. This is the rating that will be used for your tournament seeding. Tournament committee will seed all unrated players, and unrated players may advance from the round robin at the discretion of the tournament committee.

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Special Guest Coach Brian Pace!

Make sure to catch Brian Pace while he’s in town!  Sign up for the tournament prep clinic the night before the tournament begins, or choose from a selection of video analysis sessions where Brian will record your strokes and provide a break down (after the tournament) on video about specifics you should focus on to improve your game.

Note: Use the Goodies section of OmniPong sign-up or call Joe Windham for details about Brian Pace lessons.  816-769-3279