Open Letter to Players at Athletic Club in Overland Park


After accomplishing our initial goals to improve table tennis at the Athletic Club of Overland Park (ACOP), KCTT has begun to focus on improving table tennis regionally through promoting future tournaments, leagues and youth involvement.  In order to prevent the appearance of a conflict of interest, we welcome new leadership to assume the responsibility of maintaining and improving table tennis at ACOP.  Going forward, KCTT will focus on promoting table tennis at multiple clubs including ACOP, Overland Park Racquet Club, Tomahawk Ridge, Independence Parks & Rec, local high schools, etc.  The ACOP ownership as well as ACOP table tennis playing members will have the responsibility to manage the day to day running of table tennis at ACOP.  ACOP table tennis members are free to form a club or group and hold open elections for various positions as the ACOP members see fit.


KCTT would like to make a statement clarifying table ownership.  Some of the tables are owned solely by ACOP ownership.  In order to promote our sport, KCTT made an agreement with ACOP ownership to purchase 7 new Joola tables with KCTT paying half the cost (3 Ā½ tables).  The purchase of the table from ACOP ownership will be complete by May 1st and from that time forward, the 3.5 tables will be owned by ACOP table tennis players.  KCTT will NOT own any of the tables nor have any claim over them.


As board members of KCTT, we believe KCTT has made contributions in recent years to table tennis.  These include hosting 3 sanctioned table tennis tournaments, improving the lighting at ACOP somewhat, purchasing new Joola SC3000 tables, organizing league play and creating an inviting atmosphere that has roughly doubled the number of ACOP table tennis players in a few years.  We of course have done this in collaboration with all ACOP table tennis players and wish to continue that collaboration in the future.  KCTT is a non-profit organization collecting no dues and without members other than the 5 volunteer board members.  KCTT board members are Andrew Angell, Chris Fagyal, Ray Chan, Meng-Yu Wang & John Mills.


Again the two-fold purpose of this letter is clarify that:

  • KCTT is a separate entity from the ACOP table tennis members.
  • All tables at ACOP are the combined property of ACOP ownership and ACOP table tennis members;  NOT owned by KCTT.

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