06.16.21 – Truman Memorial Week 3

Group Standings

The rating displayed in the group standings is the rating before the event results are calculated.

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2034vsAndrew Mun19215
Drew Angell2034vsDennis Sulltrop18505
Drew Angell2034vsRob Sharp18302
Drew Angell2034vsDante Almuenda17912
Andrew Mun1921vsDennis Sulltrop18507
Andrew Mun1921vsRob Sharp18307
Andrew Mun1921vsDante Almuenda17915
Rob Sharp1830vsDennis Sulltrop185010
Rob Sharp1830vsDante Almuenda179110
Dante Almuenda1791vsDennis Sulltrop185020
Steve Downing1783vsBen Harner13020
Nick Larsen1641vsSteve Downing178330
Nick Larsen1641vsBen Harner13021
Akshay Jain1591vsSteve Downing178330
Akshay Jain1591vsNick Larsen164110
Akshay Jain1591vsBen Harner13022
Juan Blackmon1205vsBob Riley8381
Juan Blackmon1205vsScott Anderson8151
Juan Blackmon1205vsScott Rowe8030
Richard Ansah1000vsJuan Blackmon120540
Richard Ansah1000vsBob Riley8385
Richard Ansah1000vsScott Anderson8155
Richard Ansah1000vsScott Rowe8035
Richard Ansah1000vsCory Bragg8445
Scott Anderson815vsBob Riley83810
Scott Anderson815vsCory Bragg84410
Scott Rowe803vsBob Riley83810
Scott Rowe803vsScott Anderson81510
Scott Rowe803vsCory Bragg84410
Cory Bragg844vsJuan Blackmon120550
Cory Bragg844vsBob Riley83810

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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