06.23.21 – Truman Memorial Week 4

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2034vsAndrew Mun19215
Drew Angell2034vsDennis Sulltrop18505
Drew Angell2034vsCraig Yancey18332
Bernie Braun2016vsAndrew Mun19217
Bernie Braun2016vsDennis Sulltrop18505
Bernie Braun2016vsCraig Yancey18335
Andrew Mun1921vsDennis Sulltrop18507
Andrew Mun1921vsCraig Yancey18337
Dante Almuenda1791vsSteve Downing178310
Dante Almuenda1791vsGary Mcadams15482
Steve Downing1783vsAkshay Jain15162
Akshay Jain1516vsDante Almuenda179140
Gary Mcadams1548vsSteve Downing178340
Gary Mcadams1548vsAkshay Jain151610
Ray Chan1388vsTy Lewis136610
Ray Chan1388vsBen Harner13027
Ray Chan1388vsJulian Taylor12255
Ben Harner1302vsJulian Taylor12257
Julian Taylor1225vsTy Lewis136630
Juan Blackmon1205vsMarlow Holt10002
Juan Blackmon1205vsCory Bragg8441
Marlow Holt1000vsJoel Murphy7002
Richard Ansah875vsMarlow Holt100030
Scott Rowe878vsMarlow Holt100030
Scott Rowe878vsRichard Ansah87510
Scott Rowe878vsCory Bragg84410
Scott Rowe878vsLarry Marchin7485
Cory Bragg844vsMarlow Holt100030
Cory Bragg844vsRichard Ansah87510
Timothy Voyles750vsBrandon Shuey75010
Brandon Shuey750vsJessica Heikes70010
Brandon Shuey750vsMatt Troutman70010
Timothy Voyles750vsMatt Troutman70010
Larry Marchin748vsCory Bragg84420
Larry Marchin748vsBrandon Shuey75010
Larry Marchin748vsTimothy Voyles75010
Larry Marchin748vsJoel Murphy70010
Larry Marchin748vsMatt Troutman70010
Joel Murphy700vsBrandon Shuey75010
Jessica Heikes700vsMatt Troutman70010
Joel Murphy700vsMatt Troutman70010
Joel Murphy700vsJessica Heikes70010
Joel Murphy700vsSeth Smith69010
Seth Smith690vsTimothy Voyles75020
Seth Smith690vsBrandon Shuey75020
Seth Smith690vsJessica Heikes70010

New Player Standings

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