07.07.21 – Truman Memorial Week 6

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2069vsCraig Yancey17922
Drew Angell2069vsDennis Sulltrop17912
Drew Angell2069vsSteve Downing16751
Drew Angell2069vsGary Mcadams17451
Rob Sharp1841vsDrew Angell206940
Rob Sharp1841vsCraig Yancey179210
Rob Sharp1841vsDennis Sulltrop179110
Rob Sharp1841vsSteve Downing16755
Craig Yancey1792vsDennis Sulltrop179110
Craig Yancey1792vsSteve Downing16755
Craig Yancey1792vsGary Mcadams174510
Steve Downing1675vsDennis Sulltrop179130
Gary Mcadams1745vsRob Sharp184120
Gary Mcadams1745vsDennis Sulltrop179110
Gary Mcadams1745vsSteve Downing16757
Akshay Jain1643vsRay Chan14102
Akshay Jain1643vsTy Lewis13331
Akshay Jain1643vsScott Rowe10750
Akshay Jain1643vsRichard Ansah10450
Ray Chan1410vsTy Lewis13337
Ray Chan1410vsJulian Taylor12435
Ray Chan1410vsScott Rowe10751
Ray Chan1410vsRichard Ansah10451
Ty Lewis1333vsJulian Taylor12437
Ty Lewis1333vsScott Rowe10752
Ty Lewis1333vsRichard Ansah10452
Julian Taylor1243vsScott Rowe10755
Julian Taylor1243vsRichard Ansah10455
Richard Ansah1045vsScott Rowe107510
Ron Miller960vsMarlow Holt91010
Ron Miller960vsKoji Hayakawa9027
Ron Miller960vsLarry Marchin8677
Ron Miller960vsJeremy O8255
Marlow Holt910vsJoel Murphy6912
Koji Hayakawa902vsMarlow Holt91010
Larry Marchin867vsMarlow Holt91010
Larry Marchin867vsKoji Hayakawa90210
Larry Marchin867vsJeremy O82510
Jeremy O825vsMarlow Holt91020
Jeremy O825vsKoji Hayakawa90220
Seth Smith736vsAndy Wise75010
Seth Smith736vsJoel Murphy69110
Joel Murphy691vsTimothy Voyles76020
Joel Murphy691vsAndy Wise75020

New Player Standings

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