07.14.21 – Truman Memorial Week 7

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2035vsCraig Yancey18052
Drew Angell2035vsDante Almuenda17792
Andrew Mun1942vsDrew Angell203520
Andrew Mun1942vsCraig Yancey18055
Dante Almuenda1779vsAndrew Mun194230
Dante Almuenda1779vsCraig Yancey180510
Akshay Jain1646vsRay Chan14222
Akshay Jain1646vsTy Lewis13361
Akshay Jain1646vsScott Rowe10570
Ray Chan1422vsTy Lewis13367
Ray Chan1422vsScott Rowe10571
Ty Lewis1336vsScott Rowe10572
Juan Blackmon1055vsCory Bragg9637
Juan Blackmon1055vsLarry Marchin8905
Cory Bragg963vsLarry Marchin8907
Jeremy O850vsKoji Hayakawa87510
Jeremy O850vsScott Anderson82910
Scott Anderson829vsKoji Hayakawa87510
Bob Riley867vsKoji Hayakawa87510
Bob Riley867vsJeremy O85010
Bob Riley867vsScott Anderson82910
Seth Smith756vsAndy Wise72010
Seth Smith756vsJoel Murphy71910
Jeremy Sandler750vsSeth Smith75610
Jeremy Sandler750vsAndy Wise72010
Jeremy Sandler750vsJoel Murphy71910
Joel Murphy719vsAndy Wise72010

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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