07.21.21 – Truman Memorial Week 8

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2019vsCraig Yancey17882
Drew Angell2019vsAkshay Jain16491
Drew Angell2019vsTy Lewis13300
Drew Angell2019vsBen Harner12990
Andrew Mun1937vsDrew Angell201920
Andrew Mun1937vsCraig Yancey17885
Andrew Mun1937vsAkshay Jain16492
Andrew Mun1937vsTy Lewis13300
Andrew Mun1937vsBen Harner12990
Craig Yancey1788vsAkshay Jain16495
Craig Yancey1788vsTy Lewis13300
Craig Yancey1788vsBen Harner12990
Akshay Jain1649vsTy Lewis13301
Akshay Jain1649vsBen Harner12991
Ty Lewis1330vsBen Harner129910
Juan Blackmon1067vsScott Rowe105410
Juan Blackmon1067vsJeremy Sandler10007
Scott Rowe1054vsJeremy Sandler10007
Scott Rowe1054vsBob Riley9727
Scott Rowe1054vsKoji Hayakawa9205
Bob Riley972vsJuan Blackmon106720
Bob Riley972vsJeremy Sandler100010
Bob Riley972vsKoji Hayakawa9207
Jeremy O985vsJuan Blackmon106720
Jeremy O985vsScott Rowe105420
Jeremy O985vsJeremy Sandler100010
Jeremy O985vsBob Riley97210
Jeremy O985vsKoji Hayakawa9207
Koji Hayakawa920vsJuan Blackmon106730
Koji Hayakawa920vsJeremy Sandler100020
Cory Bragg963vsLawrence7002
Cory Bragg963vsCat7002
Cory Bragg963vsAndy Wise6902
Larry Marchin878vsCory Bragg96320
Larry Marchin878vsLawrence7005
Larry Marchin878vsCat7005
Larry Marchin878vsAndy Wise6905
Lawrence700vsAndy Wise69010
Andy Wise690vsCat70010

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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