07.28.21 – Truman Memorial Week 9

Head to Head Results

NamePrevious RatingNamePrevious RatingRating Change
Drew Angell2002vsAndrew Mun196410
Drew Angell2002vsSergio18505
Drew Angell2002vsErik18505
Drew Angell2002vsDante Almuenda18175
Drew Angell2002vsGary Mcadams17712
Drew Angell2002vsTy Lewis13390
Andrew Mun1964vsSergio18505
Andrew Mun1964vsErik18505
Andrew Mun1964vsDante Almuenda18175
Andrew Mun1964vsGary Mcadams17715
Andrew Mun1964vsTy Lewis13390
Erik1850vsGary Mcadams17717
Dante Almuenda1817vsGary Mcadams177110
Dante Almuenda1817vsTy Lewis13390
Gary Mcadams1771vsTy Lewis13390
Steve Bell1300vsJeremy O10522
Ben Harner1288vsSteve Bell130010
Ben Harner1288vsJeremy O10522
Ben Harner1288vsRichard Ansah11225
Ben Harner1288vsJuan Blackmon10142
Jeremy O1052vsJuan Blackmon101410
Richard Ansah1122vsSteve Bell130030
Richard Ansah1122vsJeremy O10527
Richard Ansah1122vsJuan Blackmon10145
Juan Blackmon1014vsSteve Bell130040
Scott Rowe1043vsCory Bragg9497
Scott Rowe1043vsJeremy Sandler9467
Scott Rowe1043vsForam Desai8965
Cory Bragg949vsJeremy Sandler94610
Foram Desai896vsCory Bragg94920
Foram Desai896vsJeremy Sandler94610

New Player Standings

Check the Current League Player Standings page for updates on player standings.

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